Whether your molding material is rubber, melamine, urea, bakelite, foam or silicone, JING DAY has exactly the right machine to meet your requirements. JING DAY is at the forefront of molding innovation, offering a wide range of molding machines to meet your specific applications. Combined with their complete and comprehensive technical backup, JING DAY will help you achieve a more cost effective rubber molding production line. Choose from our range of vertical injection molders and hydraulic molders. JING DAY rubber molding machines equip you with full capabilities for all your production requirements, providing excellent part finish and the dimensional accuracy you expect from machines with the most advanced production concepts. All of this enables you to reduce time cycles and lower production costs.
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Products support:
- Rubber Injection Molding Machine
- Silicone Injection Molding Machine
- Compression Molding Presses